Website Relaunch!

Technology always marches forward.  When we design something on the leading edge of technology, it doesn’t stay there for long.

I am excited to tell you about the relaunch of the Real Estate Help Desk website.  This is my third makeover of the site.  I have decided to scrap what has gone before and to start over completely.  Let me explain the progression of my website, as we look back on my earlier real estate pictures.

Version 1 – 2004

The first version of my website came in 2004, when very few real estate agents were doing a personal website of their own.  The standard of the day was to pay a third party website provider company to give you one of maybe a dozen or so standard designs.  They would “customize” your website with your headshot and company logo, then charge you a monthly hosting fee.  Your site had no personality and had no original content.  I was determined to take a different approach!

I found a local small business that offered web hosting, and I designed my own website with the assistance of Microsoft Front Page.  An early HTML website generator.  It ensured my website had my own unique look and I wasn’t paying the crazy monthly fees everyone else was.

Version 2 – 2007

That first site was starting to drag. While it got me started, web standards were changing and the site would not render properly on certain browsers.  Mostly because it was using Frames and Tables.  It was time for a new approach.  I switched the hosting to Dreamhost, a big professional hosting company that had a lot to offer.  The site was built on the WordPress content management system that was being used by professional developers around the world.  Blogging was all the rage and creating content was the thing to do.

The downfall of this site was the increasing importance of cell phones.  No longer was it important to just have a good looking website, now it had to be “mobile friendly” and function well on cell phones.  Still technology advanced and there was need for websites to be “responsive” and designed “mobile first”.

So by 2016 I could recognize that my site was aging and would soon need a makeover.

Version 3 – 2018

Time to bite the bullet again.  In this latest iteration, I have moved the hosting to GoDaddy.  They have come a long way in developing good hosting services.  In particular they provide separate development and production environments to be able to stage rollouts.  No more live editing on the production site!  I chose the Avada WordPress framework theme.  It is the most modular and flexible theme I could find.  It is made up of a multitude of scalable components that can rearrange themselves on a page to suit the size of whatever device and browser someone is using.  I hope you like this.  Let me know how you feel about it!