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Marina Del Rey

One of the premier condos of Etobicoke is found at Marina Del Rey, overlooking the shores of Humber Bay. Marina Del Rey is a cluster of three residential condo buildings, plus the Malibu Health Club facility. It is situated on a large tract of land directly over looking the lake and a marina full of beautiful boats!

The three buildings are:

  • 2261 Lake Shore Blvd – Marina Del Rey Phase 1
  • 2267 Lake Shore Blvd – Marina Del Rey Phase 2
  • 2269 Lake Shore Blvd – Marina Del Rey Phase 3

Residents find the grounds to be a peaceful and relaxed setting. Marina Del Rey is situated further away from the Gardiner Expressway than a number of other Humber Bay condo buildings, making it a quieter place to live. A favourite place for the mature 40-plus crowd. Perfect for downsizing from a house.

At your doorstep is the extensive parkland of Humber Bay for you to explore. Then there is the Martin Goodman Trail System popular with people who enjoy walking, running, roller blades and cycling. It stretches from downtown Toronto to Mississauga and beyond.

The buildings were developed by Camrost Felcorp and were completed around 1990. Condos of this era benefit from large room sizes and comfortable living spaces. Suites here can easily support full-sized furniture pieces. Most desirable suites look out over the marina or the lake. Given that these suites are over 20-years old, many of them have been modernized and are quite up-to-date. Others may still be in a more “original condition” and be in need of a quick makeover.

Marina Del Rey is one of the many Etobicoke Condos at Humber Bay that Ralph Evans is familiar with and would be pleased to help you with. If you are thinking of buying a suite here, and want to find out more about the area, he’d be happy to give you a tour of some of the suites currently for sale. If you currently own a suite at Marina Del Rey and are considering a move, Ralph would be happy to meet with you to explain how he assists condo owners to sell their suites.

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pictures of Marina Del Rey Condo
pictures of Marina Del Rey Condo

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