A Drive All Around Toronto

It was early on a Sunday morning, when I set out on a drive. There was not much traffic to worry about at this hour.   I wanted to see how long would it take  to drive a loop all the way around the City of Toronto.

Starting in Etobicoke, from Bloor and The East Mall, I head onto Highway 427 North, then across the City on Highway 401, South on the Don Valley Parkway into the Downtown Core, through the downtown on the upper level of the Gardiner Expressway that becomes the Queen Elizabeth Way and finally back onto Highway 427 to the starting point.

Being a Sunday morning, there were non of the usual traffic accidents, or congestion slowdowns we might typically expect to encounter. This route would be much slower at any other time of the week! I was amazed to be able to complete this loop in about 30 minutes!

Come along for the ride and have a look at what driving in Toronto can be like.